In return for an annual membership fee, members receive use of a collection of the world’s best supercars, as well as a host of other membership benefits, including a vast array of member-only events and a multitude of social and business networking opportunities, to name but a few.

The Club consists of members from all over the world who share a number of common objectives – to have access to a collection of the world’s best supercars, to enjoy an exciting lifestyle and to meet other successful and interesting people.





Auto Vivendi members receive a set number of Annual Days of Car Use, along with an Annual Mileage Allowance, which they can use up across any of our cars, as and when they wish. We have several membership levels available.



SILVER STANDARD 20 1,000 15,950 + VAT
CLUB HUB 5 17,200 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 18,450 + VAT
GOLD STANDARD 30 1,500 20,950 + VAT
CLUB HUB 7 22,700 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 24,450 + VAT
TITANIUM STANDARD 40 2,000 25,950 + VAT
CLUB HUB 10 28,450 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 30,950 + VAT
CHROME STANDARD 60 3,000 35,950 + VAT
CLUB HUB 15 39,700 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 43,450 + VAT
PLATINUM STANDARD 120 6,000 61,450 + VAT
CLUB HUB 30 68,950 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 76,450 + VAT
BLACK STANDARD 365 12,000 113,450 + VAT
CLUB HUB 52 125,950 + VAT
OUT OF TOWN 138,450 + VAT


* Our Club Hubs, which act as delivery and collection points for members who wish to enjoy cars further afield from our existing clubs, are located at various hotels, spas and other suitable venues throughout the UK. Club Hub memberships include return deliveries/collections by covered transporter to the member’s chosen ‘home’ Club Hub, as well as our other Club Hubs across the UK.

** Out of Town memberships include return deliveries/collections by covered transporter to anywhere within 250 miles of our London or Manchester clubs.

† There is also a one-off joining fee of £2,000 + VAT which includes fully comprehensive car insurance from a leading UK insurer and a Supercar Driving Awareness Day, which all new members are required to undertake.






Members use up their Annual Days of Car Use and Annual Mileage Allowance across our collection of cars, however they wish. Our current collection, which is worth over £7m, is shown below:

Current Collection:

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante
Aston Martin DBX707
Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner
Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak †††
Ferrari 296 GTB
Ferrari 812 GTS (Argento Nurburgring) **
Ferrari 812 GTS (Grigio Silverstone) **
Ferrari 812 Superfast
Ferrari F8 Spider
Ferrari Portofino
Ferrari Roma
Ferrari SF90 Spider ****
Ferrari SF90 Stradale ***
Lamborghini Aventador SV
Lamborghini Huracán STO
Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica

Lamborghini Urus Performante
Lamborghini Urus S
Maserati MC20
Maserati MC20 Cielo
McLaren Artura
McLaren 765LT Spider **
McLaren 720S Spider
McLaren 620R
Mercedes G63 (Monza Grey Magno)
Mercedes G63 (Night Black Magno)
Morgan Super 3 †
Porsche 911 (992) Targa 4 GTS ††
Rolls-Royce Cullinan *
Rolls-Royce Wraith
Range Rover Vogue P530 First Edition ††
Superformance Shelby MKIII Cobra


* £4 + VAT per mile surcharge, minimum 50 miles per day.
** £8 + VAT per mile surcharge, minimum 50 miles per day.
*** £12 + VAT per mile surcharge, minimum 50 miles per day.
**** £15 + VAT per mile surcharge, minimum 50 miles per day.
† Morgan Super 3 charged at 25% of actual mileage.
†† Porsche 911 (992) Targa 4 GTS and Range Rover Vogue P530 First Edition (2022 model year) charged at 50% of actual mileage.
††† Dodge Challenger SRT Jailbreak charged at 75% of actual mileage.



The advantages are compelling. There are many benefits to being a member of the Club, whether they be financial, social or lifestyle-related. Some of the main benefits of Club membership are listed below:


Being a member of Auto Vivendi is akin to having your own collection of brand new supercars, worth over £6m, which you can use as and when you wish.

We do not differentiate between cars of different value, meaning members can simply pick the cars they wish to enjoy each time.

We guarantee that we always have a selection of new supercars available for members to use, even on the busiest summer weekends. Our cars are typically only used around 25-40% of the time on average, meaning we have great availability all year round. We simply would not exist unless we could guarantee fantastic availability for our members.

Our car collection is unrivalled and we buy almost every new supercar as and when it is launched. This means you will have access to at least 40-50 different supercars every year.

Due to the huge number of cars we buy, we are able to purchase the most sought-after limited edition supercars for the Club.

As a member of the Club, you will build up an intimate knowledge of the world of supercars, a privilege that very few people on the planet have. Not even the top motoring journalists get to drive as many supercars as our members.

We deliver cars all over the UK and Europe, making it easy and convenient to have supercars at your disposal wherever you are. Plus it’s pretty cool when our transporter arrives at your home, office or a beautiful hotel with a brand new supercar ready for you to enjoy.

The Club has a vibrant social scene with many friendships and business relationships formed along the way. However, if you’d simply like to use our cars, that’s fine with us too. If you enjoy mingling with other fun and successful people, the Club has a thriving social scene and really does provide a sense of belonging. We liken it to having a ready-made set of friends who all like doing the same cool things.

As a member of the Club, you will be invited to many exclusive events, including new car launches, manufacturer drive days, factory tours, parties and other social occasions. These events are free to members (and your guests when possible).

Many of our members own their own supercars and prestige cars as well as being a member of the Club. If you already buy your own cars or are thinking of buying a supercar, prestige car or even a family run-around, we can often save you enough money to pay for your Club membership. Plus we can secure you a much earlier build slot than you will typically be able to secure yourself.  Indeed, we have great relationships with the top manufacturers and the best dealerships should you wish to buy your own cars.

The Club provides the opportunity to try before you buy. After all, you don’t want to marry the wrong supermodel.



Membership to Auto Vivendi is by application. If you would like to become a member of the Club, please complete our membership application form below:


Alternatively, if you have any questions, please CONTACT us,
call us on +44 (0)207 625 9400 or email