About Us

 Auto Vivendi – It’s Who We Are

Auto Vivendi was formed in 2005 as écurie25 Supercar Club. Fast forward to the now and we are the world’s largest and longest continually-established Supercar Club.

Driven by the current management since 2010, the Club was rebranded in 2014 as Auto Vivendi. We are now a global leading provider of supercar lifestyle events as well as the provision of supercars for shared or ‘fractional’ use.

We are innovators in our field and we love what we do. After all, the world is our playground and we are surrounded by beautiful supercars, wonderful adventures and fantastic people. We are the lucky ones and we like to think that it shines through in all that we do.



'Bungee jumper & wannabe global pop star'

Richard is a globe-trotting Chartered Accountant who has swapped his days of bungee-jumping in Greece and working for PwC, for life in the fast lane at Auto Vivendi!

Richard’s dream is to host an event which combines champagne, cars, and singing, so don’t be surprised if you get an invite to the first AV Karaoke Evening at some stage – the rest of the team advise you to politely decline!

Richard says that choosing his favourite car is like being asked what his favourite chocolate bar is (and believe us, he likes them all!).  However, his favourite driving adventure was taking the Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster through the stunning scenery and mountain passes of the Slovenian National Parks.



'Life is tough... I used to be an oil broker'

Craig is a former oil broker who also founded Vmax200. Craig’s favourite drive was a blast to Monaco in his classic Porsche 911, although his most memorable piece of action was racing a jet along a runway!

Craig has the dream job of running our events and experiences programme, which makes his personal social media posts read like a billionaire’s handbook!

Craig lives on an island and actually believes he could be the next short Welsh James Bond.



James Hughes

Director, Sales & Marketing

'The one who gives sausages their sizzle'

James is our favourite posh person.  Brought into the team to help us get our message to the world, James started off his Auto Vivendi career by regaling stories of homemade sausage rolls and how he has trodden the path of life trying to convince people he is Surrey’s answer to Steve McQueen. James is of course pretty cool, however none of us have the heart to tell him that he’s never going to make the cut to replace the aforementioned Hollywood icon!

Outside of work (how dare he call it that!), James fills his days with dirty dogs and his beautiful wife and family, enjoying the finer things that life has to offer. 

Tom Brading

Membership Experience Manager

‘A master of oval balls’

A veteran of the car industry and of teaching kids our national sport (well some of ours anyway), Tom is tasked with one thing at Auto Vivendi… To take as many as he needs to for the team.

We live and breathe having exceptional customer service and Tom’s reason for being is exactly this.

Tom has European as well as British heritage and we are assured that his slightly battered appearance is the result of some incredible motoring adventures around the world. We believe him (sort of).

Whatever our members need, Tom will make sure it happens. So please feel free to test his limits!

Tom’s favourite car is a Shelby Cobra 427 S/C.

James Allen

Marketing Manager

'The one who likes to put spin on things'

Former tennis coach extraordinaire, James has found his true passion at Auto Vivendi after years of teaching kids how to play tennis in the Med, as well as leading the marketing in the UK for a global luxury hotel brand.

James brings his love of delivering the finer things in life, along with his energy and know-how, to try and help capture the excitement and buzz within the Club for the world to see.

When he is not helping our other James to give sausages their sizzle, this James can still be found pounding tennis balls on court or in the woods (for his dog to chase!), or auditioning to be in one of his wife’s films…  We shall say no more.



'The grey bearded one'

James is a relative veteran in the supercar world, having worked in the supercar hire and events industry since 2006. Prior to that he worked in the pharmaceutical industry and the wine trade, but we can assure you it’s not all drink, drugs and fast cars with him!

James joined Auto Vivendi as Special Ops Manager in 2020, as quite frankly he was the right man for the job!

James’ all-time favourite supercar is the Ferrari 288 GTO but he is yet to drive one. However, they do say that you should never meet your heroes…

James also thinks there is a Top Gun quote for all occasions. One of his favourites is “Your ego is writing cheques that your body can’t cash”. Fortunately for us, he’s kept these quotes to himself since joining the team!

James’ nickname is ‘The Beard’ and one can see why….

Kasim 'Kas' Hussain


'My other job is a Forex Trader'

Kasim ‘Kas’ Hussain started working at the Club in 2013, after leaving his previous job of chasing criminals and building ties with the community whilst working for the Metropolitan Police. Kas fell in love with the Club and the great team that make it happen (we are not fooled and know it’s all about the cars!), and he is now responsible for keeping our supercar collection in pristine condition and ensuring the smooth-running of member bookings.

Some say he has the dream job and that he was born with a full beard. All we know is that he is called Kas…





'Baby Vivendi'

Having joined us as a mere 17-year-old, Lucy is now fast approaching her mid-20’s and has learned most of what she knows from us. That, by itself is a scary enough thought, however that’s nowhere near as scary as knowing who she has learned the rest from!

Our bubbly darling had her first driving lesson in a Ferrari (it had to be done!) and luckily she survived and continues to be our accountant extraordinaire.

However, be warned, we are told (by her, no less!) that her father is very big, very protective and a slight nutter…

Jolie Sharpe

Content Creator, Presenter & Member

'Our very own ray of sunshine, Jolie brightens the days of all those around her'

Way younger and cooler than the rest of us could ever be, Jolie has a ‘trending’ song to suit every occasion. In fact, she is very likely the one who creates the trends to make her own life easier!

Jolie’s dream is a pink convertible supercar and she tells us she’s not fussy what the badge says!

Jolie’s hobbies include proving, in any way, shape or form, that she is the best driver in her family but we can neither confirm or deny this.

You cannot miss Jolie. As an active member of the Club, she is a veteran of our drive tours to both Croatia and Portugal and she is the only one who ever encourages Richard and Craig to sing. To that end, we adore her!  Jolie Sharpe, the one who puts the Tik in our Tok. And so much more…

Our Drive Day Team


'The ones who keep you safe'

Every new member undertakes a Supercar Drive Day when they join the Club and we have a team of friendly and experienced ‘instructors’, all former or current police driving assessors from around the country, who provide a fun day of ‘road-craft’ (as well as lunching like the best of them!) to ensure new members are able to enjoy their their time behind the wheels of our cars as much, and safely, as possible.