VIP Preview, McLaren ‘P14’

Car Launches | 02 Feb 2017

The new McLaren Super series or ‘P14? as it was talked about in hushed tone is a car we have been excited about for a long time. So when we received an invitation from our friends at McLaren to go for a VIP secret preview of this incredible new car we didn’t waste much time in accepting!


Heading down to the McLaren technology Centre in Surrey is always a special experience, you cannot help but feel a little bit like a secret agent as you arrive in such an unbelievable facility. With the usual outstanding hospitality we mingled with the great and the good of the supercar world before we were taken through to the ‘McLaren thought centre’, this place could be straight out of a James Bond film and covered by thin film of satin the car sat in the middle, tantalisingly close on the turntable.


After a quick briefing on the background of the car from some senior chaps at McLaren the covers came back and there was a audible gasp from us all as we saw what was underneath.

We signed an official looking piece of paper agreeing not to give any details about what we saw or heard until the launch at the Geneva motor show but suffice to say, our minds were blown and we now cannot wait to get our car later this year!


Many thanks to McLaren for their kind hospitality.