Team AV in the Arctic Circle

Events | 12 Jan 2017

We love an adventure at AV and when we were invited to the edge of the Arctic Circle while Danish Hypercar maker Zenvo Automotive tested their incredible new car on ice we didn’t take long to decide.

This trip took the meaning of remote to a whole new level and with each car sporting a wonderfully ludicrous 1150+BHP we certainly took our usual ice driving trips to another level. With temperatures as low as -35 the evenings were spent around a fire drinking some Lapland fire water and dining on Reindeer and Bear (yes really!) it certainly made for an experience to remember.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we strolled into a local restaurant for dinner and none other than former F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen was sat next to us, we think some of his driving prowess rubbed off as the next day we all drove better than ever. (or maybe we dreamed that part). An incredible adventure and one which might well spawn a new AV driving experience, watch this space!

Many thanks to Zenvo Automotive for their kind hospitality, we cannot wait to see the finished ‘TS1’ at Geneva.