We have made an ongoing commitment to more-than-offsetting our CO2 emissions, as well as contributing to sustainable reforestation efforts.

We are more-than-offsetting our yearly CO2 emissions including all car use by members, events, private jet trips, car transportation and the running of our premises. Effectively and responsibly removing more CO2 emissions from the atmosphere than we put in by funding certified and verified carbon offsets projects. In addition, we are also supporting responsible reforestation projects.

Our commitment features both short-term and long-term climate actions.

The first part and short-term impact is the immediate offset of the estimated emissions from all Club vehicles’, events and Club operations, achieved by purchasing carbon offsets that fund a reduction in emissions now. The carbon offsets or Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) are verified and certified through the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard certification process.

The second part and long-term impact takes the form of an investment in sustainable reforestation (no monoculture), planting trees every year in a mix of reforestation and afforestation. In addition to the carbon offsets purchased, there will be additional CO2 absorbed each year when the trees will have matured enough.

We are delighted to be carbon negative by more-than-offsetting the carbon-footprint the Club would otherwise leave.