In response to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Club has taken the following steps to safeguard the health of our members and our team:

Car Hygiene
We thoroughly clean our cars before every booking anyway, however we have invested (heavily!) in medical-grade cleaning products and we are now doing almost forensic level wipe-downs of cars before bookings. Please be assured the cars are a safe haven for our members.

Car Handovers
We are now conducting ‘contactless’ car handovers. We will be using cleansers to clean keys and the steering wheels on-site immediately before the cars are handed over. Our delivery drivers have also stopped using public transport both for work and personally.

The AV Team
We have made arrangements with our team so that none of us need to use public transport over the coming months and we are covering additional costs for our team members.

If you require any further information, please contact us.