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Vmax200 Stealth - 11 Apr 2016

Stealth – the warm up for our 2016 Vmax200 top speed events and what a great day we all had. A number of AV Members joined us bringing their own cars to test their top speed on the private runway and the great and the good of the supercar world turned up to have some fun. Amongst the uber-stealthy and incredibly quick super saloons there were a few Vmax200 surprises in store…

Le Mans racing driver Ollie Webb piloted an ear shattering road legal Ferrari FXX to a massive 202MPH and a tuned ES Motors Porsche hit an astonishing 210MPH. It was our Swedish friends Koenigsegg who were victorious though with a simply amazing 216MPH from the Agera N with the Gentlemen from Woking pulling in an equally amazing 210MPH courtesy of the McLaren P1.

Lots of fun and all recorded by ‘Supercar TV by Auto Vivendi’ so we can watch it all again there!

The next Vmax200 event is May 21st and you can apply to drive at

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