Auto Vivendi – Supercar Club – London


Auto Vivendi 200MPH Challenge - 30 Sep 2015

This weekend saw 4 speed seeking challengers participate in our now infamous ‘200MPH Challenge’. With our Ferrari FF, Huracan and Aventador Roadster prepped we took to a private 2 mile runway to see how fast we could go. After a light lunch in the drivers lounge and a full briefing by our professional instructors, helmets were donned and the real fun began. A sighting lap in the Range Rover gave the guys a chance to familiarise themselves with the runway and circuit and they then took a seat in the FF for the first run. A shattering scream from the V12 as it launched down the runway saw the first runner hit an easy 175mph. After a debrief it was then time to get into the Huracan for a straight-line blast to 185mph. After a break and a coffee it was the main event and one by one a seat was taken in the mighty Aventador Roadster. The smiles as helmets came off said it all, a committed right foot lead to them all smashing through the magic 200mph barrier and everyone got to tick their bucketlist. Much more to come in 2016!