Auto Vivendi – Supercar Club – London


"Bungee jumper & wannabe global pop star."

Richard is a globe-trotting Chartered Accountant who has swapped his days of bungy-jumping in Greece and working for PwC, for life in the fast lane at Auto Vivendi! Richard’s dream is to host an event which combines champagne, cars, and singing, so don’t be surprised if you get an invite to the first AV Karaoke Evening at some stage – the rest of the team advise you to politely decline! His favourite car still remains the Ferrari 430 Spider, because nothing will ever lessen the joy of his first Ferrari experience driving along Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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"Life is tough... I used to be an oil broker."

Craig is a former city oil broker who also founded Vmax200 the supercar top speed event. Craig’s favourite drive was a hoon to Monaco in his classic Porsche 911, although his favourite top speed run was a 225 mph blast down a runway! Craig runs the club’s auto events and our marketing and social media. Craig lives on an island and actually believes he could be the next short Welsh James Bond.

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"Helping people around the world spend their kids' inheritance."

Joss re-joined Auto Vivendi in 2014 after plying her trade around the world for the last 4 years, running a sister supercar club in New York as well as helping to launch Clubs in Australia. As so often happens with birds who have been released in the wild, Joss found her way home and is now safely back where she belongs – in the Auto Vivendi Events & Experiences team! Joss’ favourite car is the 458 Spider because like her, it’s highly tuned and expensive to maintain – the perfect fit for the Club then! Oh and she likes horses.

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"My other job is as a Forex Trader."

Kasim ‘Kas’ Hussain started working for the Club in 2013 as a delivery driver, after leaving his previous job of chasing criminals and building ties with the community whilst working for the Metropolitan Police. Kas fell in love with the Club and the great team that make it happen (we are not fooled and know it’s all about the cars!), and he is now responsible for keeping our supercar collection in pristine condition and ensuring the smooth-running of member bookings. Some say he has the dream job and that he was born with a full beard, all we know is that he is called Kas…


"Gin and Tonic or Champagne, I'm not Fussy"

Having towed the corporate line at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for 6 years, Erin is now ready to work with ‘Real Cars’

Looking after all things Auto Vivendi as our ‘Executive Assistant’, after 6PM Erin is often found in a high end establishment with a Champagne glass in hand – she has not forgotten the Rolls-Royce lifestyle.

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"Baby Vivendi"

After a year of working with us, Lucy still gets confused when we ask her how Jonny is.. That says it all. Our 19 year old darling had her first ever driving lesson in a Ferrari (it had to be done!) and luckily she survived and continues to be our book-keeper extraordinaire.

But be warned, we are told (by her, no less!) that her father is huge and is a nutter…