Auto Vivendi – Supercar Club – London


McLaren 570S drive day - 15 Apr 2016

A huge thanks to our friends at McLaren for hosting Team AV and members at Millbrook Proving Ground for a special day with the incredible 570S.


After breakfast and a great history of this iconic brand by marketing manager Murray Castle it was time to take to the seat in one of the eight cars lined up outside.

Under instruction we were thrilled to drive the famous Alpine circuit, known for being the scene where Bond rolled the DBS in Casino Royale, after that we headed to the high speed bowl to try our skills on the banked loop before the penultimate event, the mile straight. We lined the car up and with foot on the brake pressed the ‘launch control’ button. With right foot firmly holding the brake and throttle planted to maximum the dash board fulfilled every schoolboy fantasy as is initially stated “BOOST BUILDING” followed by “BOOST READY”. Release the brake and nothing could prepare you for the savage assault on your senses as the 570S fired you down the straight. 100, 120, 130, 140 it kept pulling hard right to an indicated 182MPH before the instructor gave the instruction to ‘BRAKE!”


With adrenaline surging it was then time to take to the passenger seat a and with a racing driver at the wheel we headed to the short handling circuit where the 570S could truly unleash it’s talents. This car is simply staggering and as we have said about our own 570S, it’s the performance bargain of the decade.


Not one person came back from this passenger ride without a huge grin spread across their face and our members, many of whom own supercars were already hitting the booking system to reserve the AV 570S!


Truly a sensational day, many thanks once more to McLaren.