Auto Vivendi – Supercar Club – London


200MPH Challenge - 11 Apr 2016

It’s always tough to find a unique birthday gift but a certain gentleman’s wife certainly pulled it out of the bag when she booked him our now infamous 200MPH Challenge for a special birthday surprise!


The whole family came along to watch as after a full safety briefing Mark took the seat of our brand new McLaren 570S and lined it up on the 2 mile runway. After two runs with the instructor gradually encouraging him to build up his speed it was time to then take to the seat of our LP700 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. With helmet on, runway clear and video cameras in place to record the action he hit the loud pedal and the Green beast howled down the runway.


You can see the film of what happened next on our Facebook page here , suffice to say, he left with a smile on his face!


Next step, The Holy Trinity 200MPH Challenge: