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Auto Vivendi host the Peace Jam Foundation at an audience with the Dalai Lama - 21 Sep 2015

Auto Vivendi were honoured to host Dawn Engle and members of the Peace Jam Foundation for an enlightening audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

PeaceJam was launched in the USA in 1996. Ivan Suvanjieff, an artist and musician, had been talking with some gang members in North Denver, when he discovered that these young men with guns greatly admired Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his non-violent efforts toward social change. He then realized that Nobel Peace Laureates could act as alternative role models for disaffected youngsters. His colleague, Dawn Engle, helped him contact the Dalai Lama, whom she had met during her years of work for the U.S. Congress. His Holiness loved their idea and helped them set up PeaceJam as a vehicle to enable his fellow Laureates to teach young people the art of peace. Dawn has been nominated for the Nobel prize an incredible 15 times.

PeaceJam UK is an exciting and innovative international peace education programme for schools and youth groups in the UK. It is the only education programme devised by and involving leading Nobel Peace Laureates who work personally with young people to pass on the their spirit, skills and wisdom, tackling issues ranging from violence, racism, problem solving skills, and conflict resolution.

PeaceJam increases young people’s awareness about global issues around violence, war, and peace, and develops their leadership capacity to bring about more peace in their schools, local communities and the world.

Every year a different Nobel Peace Laureate spends three days in the UK. They spend a weekend of debate and activity with young people from schools and youth groups from around the UK, assisted by their student mentors.

See more about the great work PeaceJam undertake here: