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Richard heading to South Africa to build a school! - 17 Aug 2015

Richard was fortunate enough to attend a charity function last year to help raise money for The Mellon Foundation. Over the last 10 years Irish businessman Niall Mellon has built more than 25,000 houses in South Africa to help disadvantaged families through his foundation. He organises one week a year when teams of helpers from the UK fly to SA, roll their sleeves up and build homes. So far, over 22,000 people have helped build homes in the South African townships.

Following the success of this project, this year Mellon Educate will be building schools for disadvantaged children in the Eastern Cape – the province which was home to Nelson Mandela.

As a result of Richard’s recent trip where he heard Niall Mellon speak about how he has helped so many families in need, Richard has decided to travel to South Africa to help build schools in November this year. Please see the following link for further information

Auto Vivendi have also offered to help the charity raise money to further its cause and we have two pictures which we received after Auto Vivendi donated to the charity ourselves last year (they actually made us teary when we received them!)

If you would like to help Auto Vivendi achieve our aim of raising £21,000, please mail and we will call you to arrange this.

Thank you and kindest regards, Richard and the AV Team